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Terra Alpha Launches New Strategy

We are pleased to announce that our newest fund, Terra Alpha Concentrated Strategy Fund LP (TACS), has officially launched as of July 1st. TACS is a 3C7 fund open to Qualified Purchasers on the first of each month. We thank our 16 Founders Series investors, who committed nearly $9 million to the fund. 

Five years ago, Terra Alpha launched our first fund (Terra Alpha Fund LP, a 3C1 fund) to deploy our diversified global strategy: investing in companies with exceptional levels of environmental productivity (EP) and long-term enduring business models (EBM) in order to provide investors with superior long-term, risk-adjusted returns. Over its first five years, this investment thesis has held true, and we have successfully delivered better financial and environmental outcomes for our investors. 

Terra Alpha Concentrated Strategy Fund (TACS) is an organic extension of our firm’s investment process. The fund holds the 30 highest ranked companies, based on their EP rating and EBM score, from the diversified strategy. Total AUM invested or committed to the concentrated strategy is approaching $20 million.

We look forward to continuing to provide best in class products and hope to welcome many more investors who share our approach to sustainable investing in our rapidly changing world.

Terra Alpha