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Kathy Sullivan Explores…Marrying the Economy and the Environment with Tim Dunn

Advisory Board Member, Kathy Sullivan interviews Terra Alpha Founder and CIO, Tim Dunn in the latest episode of her podcast series, Kathy Sullivan Explores.

In Kathy’s own words:

“Tim Dunn is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Terra Alpha Investments, an employee and investor owned investment management firm. Unlike traditional investment firms, Terra Alpha Investments finds companies with the potential to bring long-term, sustainable returns. Having worked almost 20 years in the professional investing space, Tim learned about the limits of our natural systems and the problems being created by our current economic system.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Tim’s childhood experiences. He talks about his interests in foreign service and learning about the world. He describes why he chose to pursue a degree in International Relations. He shares the moment he became interested in studying financial markets and when he encountered the term, “ESG.” You’ll learn about the ways our current economy has made it possible for companies to not be accountable for their damage to our planet. Tim also discusses his thoughts on the future of sustainable investing and its impact.”

Listen here: https://www.kathysullivanexplores.com/podcast/marrying-the-economy-and-the-environment-with-tim-dunn


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