We harness our investment experience and our proprietary Environmental Productivity process to produce better outcomes for our investors

Terra Alpha was founded on the belief that our rapidly changing world requires an evolved approach to investing – one which recognizes that integration of the intrinsic value of our planet’s natural resources is not a compromise, but key to long-term financial returns and that active investing in, and engagement with, corporations on behalf of our investors will not only drive returns but catalyze more rapid positive change in our economy and help build a more sustainable future for all.


  • Our rapidly changing world requires a new approach to investing
  • Investors can achieve long-term financial returns while also helping to build a sustainable future for all
  • The integration of the value of our planet’s natural resources is central to our investment process
  • Active investing in and engagement with corporations on behalf of our investors will drive more rapid positive change in our economy.


Dedicated to our clients

First and foremost, we are dedicated to realizing long-term returns and providing above and beyond service to our clients, who we regard as the bedrock of our business.


We endeavor to dig deep and turn over every stone. This increases confidence for our clients and establishes our commitment to our mission.


We commit every day to a future-facing and nimble savviness, always with a goal of improving our model and achieving better returns for our clients.


We are committed to establishing a new standard for world class investing that takes a more complete view of the factors that drive better long-term investing.


We see the challenges of investing in a resource-constrained world as an opportunity to increase capital’s contribution to supporting and creating solutions that drive positive environmental progress.


We strive to operate with the highest integrity and to maintain a reputation for self-reflection and action that engenders trust in our process, our people, our investment approach, and in the genuine nature of our mission.

Our Inspiration

Finley Broaddus

Finley Broaddus was a senior in high school who planned to study Environmental Policy at the College of William & Mary when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in January of 2014. Her fight with Cholangiocarcinoma ended five months later.

Finley set up Finley’s Green Leap Forward on February 26, 2014 to “support local and global efforts that have a positive impact on the environment, moving us forward towards a healthy, sustainable planet.” Finley has moved friends and strangers alike to give back to the environment not only through the Green Leap Forward Fund but also through personal action.

Finley was a close friend of several members of our team, and for all of us, she serves as an inspiration in our work on a daily basis.

(Note: Terra Alpha Investments’ co-founder Tim Dunn and Advisory Board member emerita Ellen Stofan are members of the Green Leap Forward board.)

Terra Alpha