Terra Alpha Investments is an employee and investor owned investment management firm based in Washington, D.C.

Terra Alpha Investments operates an actively managed global public equities strategy using a hybrid quantitative/qualitative investment process. Our investment team, led by Timothy P. Dunn, CFA, brings over 75 years of professional investment and portfolio management experience, and a deep understanding of how evolving financial and environmental trends/patterns interact in an increasingly interconnected global economy. We leverage the knowledge of our Advisory Board members, leading academics, economists, scientists, and NGOs to increase our understanding of environmental, economic and social patterns and their impact on financial markets.

Why we started Terra Alpha

Investing with purpose: Better returns, better environment, and a better world

Terra Alpha’s founder and CIO, Tim Dunn, CFA, built his successful investment career on the premise that identifying and investing in truly great businesses brings long-term sustainable returns. He was also raised on the principle to try and make everything you are involved with a bit better – family, community, team, or business.

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Over two decades into his career, as a lead portfolio manager at Capital Group/American Funds, Tim had become frustrated by the growing shortsightedness of financial markets. Of particular concern was the failure of market participants to consider critical themes like climate change and natural resource constraints; which were creating negative impacts on our society. In order to make a more positive impact, he left Capital and the investment business in 2009 to work with environmental NGOs like the Nature Conservancy, Piedmont Environmental Council and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), to advance effective collaboration between environmental nonprofits and the business and investment communities.

At CDP, Tim worked with the senior team to help institutionalize the growing universe of corporate-disclosed emissions, water, and forest information and data. At TNC he pushed for more action on climate change and built a better understanding of leading environmental practices at corporations. During that time, he began to develop the thesis that incorporating corporate environmental performance into company analysis would improve both investment and environmental returns.

In late 2014, Terra Alpha Investments was born to put this thesis into practice. Tim recruited experienced investors Andrew Geller and Dan Sanborn to help him reimagine the traditional investment process. Together, they have built the team and implemented our unique hybrid quantitative/qualitative process structured around our proprietary Environmental Productivity framework.

Terra Alpha envisions a world in which our economy operates in harmony with our natural systems. We believe that companies can lead positive change and that those who adapt the fastest will derive significant benefits. We strive to provide our investors with better financial returns and societal outcomes through a rigorous analysis of Environmental Productivity and thoughtful consideration of what constitutes an enduring business model in today’s rapidly changing world. 

The opportunity to serve the financial needs of investors alongside delivering a better environment and a more sustainable world makes everyday engaging and rewarding.

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Working to create a sustainable world for all people

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitment

Terra Alpha is founded in the belief that our global economic system must evolve to create a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive planet for all. We strive to cultivate a workplace that welcomes individuals of every identity and lived experience. Our firm is dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and being valued, and to empowering all people to utilize their diverse perspectives to help build an enduring business.

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