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EP Insights

EP Insight, December 2020 | Microsoft Moves Beyond Carbon Neutral, Setting the Bar High in Tech

In early 2020, Microsoft announced bold efforts to not only become carbon negative, but to remove all the carbon the company has emitted throughout its lifetime.

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EP Insight, August 2020 | Why TSMC’s Offshore Wind Agreement with Orsted Matters for Apple, and Taiwan

In early August, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced a 20-year corporate purchase power agreement (PPA) with Orsted.

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EP Insight, March 2020 | General Mills – a Ground-Up Approach to Regenerative Farming

The company behind Cheerios and Nature Valley Granola bars is taking a ground-up approach to agricultural production.

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Terra Alpha Voices | Dr. Kathryn Sullivan

Kathy Sullivan is a scientist, astronaut and explorer. She is the first American woman to walk in space and the first person to travel both to space and to the deepest part of the ocean.

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Terra Alpha Voices | Charles Bolden, Jr.

Our team is pleased to introduce Terra Alpha Voices, profiling the thought leaders who augment our investment research and contribute to our evolving impact efforts.

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From Jacob Hampton – Senior Research Analyst

Recognizing how public equity managers create impact.

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Terra Alpha In The News

My Journey from the Cold War to Climate Crisis Investor

Published by Confluence Philanthropy, the trailblazer series models investment advisors and managers from the Confluence membership who are willing to share how they manage their own personal portfolios.

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Terra Alpha Investments Summer 2021 Internship Opportunity

We are accepting applications for a research intern for the summer of 2021.

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Climate Week NYC Webinar: Exploring Earth’s Planetary Boundaries – Two Astronauts’ Perspectives

Join astronauts Charlie Bolden & Kathy Sullivan for a climate week webinar.

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Terra Alpha Reports

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