As a forward-thinking voice in the institutional investment community we publish reports, share periodic updates about our insights and activities, and contribute our thoughts and expertise via our own website as well as third party publications. You can find an archive of these here. If you are looking for resources for Terra Alpha fund investors please use the investor login on the top right.

EP Insights

EP Insight, October 2021 | VINCI: Low-Carbon Concrete Solutions

Decarbonization is about more than just renewable energy and power. It is also about low-carbon materials.

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EP Insight, June 2021 | Unilever: Revamping Recyclables

Unilever recently announced the launch of recyclable toothpaste tubes in France and India.

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EP Insight, March 2021 | Philips: A Circularity Champion

Healthcare is a notoriously complex industry with regard to circular economics.

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Terra Alpha Voices | Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Terra Alpha Investments.

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Terra Alpha Voices | Roger Sant

Roger Sant is Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The AES Corporation, a Fortune 200 company that generates and distributes electrical power, globally, and is Co-founder and Chair of the Sant Foundation.

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Terra Alpha Investments LLC Commits to Science Based Targets

We hold ourselves and our portfolio companies to high expectations, because we believe decarbonizing our economy is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

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Terra Alpha In The News

Kathy Sullivan Explores…Marrying the Economy and the Environment with Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn is interviewed by Advisory Board Member Kathy Sullivan for her podcast series, Kathy Sullivan Explores.

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My Journey from the Cold War to Climate Crisis Investor

Published by Confluence Philanthropy, the trailblazer series models investment advisors and managers from the Confluence membership who are willing to share how they manage their own personal portfolios.

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Climate Week NYC Webinar: Exploring Earth’s Planetary Boundaries – Two Astronauts’ Perspectives

Join astronauts Charlie Bolden & Kathy Sullivan for a climate week webinar.

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