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Socially Responsible Investing taking off in financial world

Toledo Blade / by Jon Chavez

In 2015, Tom Klein, a soft-spoken man who enjoys E.E. Cummings poetry and has passionate views about the environment, decided he wanted to be more socially responsible when it came to investing his money.

“Tom came to me and he asked me, ‘Can we build a portfolio that represents my belief in being environmentally conscious?’” said Josh Mudse, Mr. Klein’s financial adviser.

“I had not built one, but at our firm we build portfolios regularly for clients that have a faith-based perspective. … And I knew it was possible certainly to do an environmental portfolio. So it was a great task to research,” said Mr. Mudse, of Munn Wealth Management in Maumee.

SRI, or Socially Responsible Investing, is a fast-evolving investment strategy that has grown 184 percent in just six years.

Also known as Sustainable Investing, Responsible Investing, Impact Investing, and now branching out into a subset called ESG (for Environment, Social Justice, and Corporate Governance), the strategy lets investors place their money in investments more closely aligned to their personal beliefs or moral values.

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