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Terra Alpha Investments is Among First Companies to Receive Real Impact Certification

Press Release

Terra Alpha Investments LLC is pleased to announce that RealImpact Tracker has certified and given the firm the equivalent of an “A” rating, placing the firm in the top 5% of funds currently rated by the organization in terms of impact potential. RealImpact Tracker rates “the social and environmental impact of your investments.” Terra Alpha was recognized for the intentionality of their investment process, advocacy work, and firm-wide ability to have impact, and was one of the initial five firms to be certified.

RealImpact Tracker’s methodology assesses the “how” in investment firms’ claims to integrate and engage regarding material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and aims to evaluate the legitimacy of efforts and the “real” impact investors are having. The certification is a powerful acknowledgement of Terra Alpha’s innovative approach, especially given its short track record as a firm.

“RealImpact Tracker’s methodology is designed to identify effective and impactful strategy, engagement, and advocacy by a fund. We are thrilled to be certified, and recognized for the design and execution of our firm’s work and process,” commented Amy Dine, Partner and Director of Advocacy.

The RealImpact assessment showed TAI scoring above peer medians across the board – the highest component of the score was based on the intentionality and robustness of their approach to integrating material ESG information and data in their investment decision-making process.

To read more about Terra Alpha Investment’s RealImpact Tracker certification, visit RealImpact Tracker’s page.

RealImpact Tracker strives to provide the tools you need to better understand the social and environmental impact of your investments, and increase that impact. Their ratings and certifications help you know which investment managers are committed to having real impact with your money. RealImpact Tracker’s impact button makes it easy to positively influence the funds and companies you own.

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