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Terra Alpha Investments Releases Environmental Productivity Report

Press Release

Middleburg, VA – Terra Alpha Investments LLC is pleased to release its newest report, Environmental Productivity: Enhancing Business and Investor Decision-Making.

Successful companies maximize operational efficiency and shareholder returns. Investment professionals seek incremental informational advantages in their quest to generate superior returns for their clients. Environmental data analysis can provide insights into how efficiently a company is currently utilizing natural resources. This sort of evaluation – Environmental Productivity (EP) analysis – is a useful tool in identifying operational efficiency for internal and external investment decision-making. At Terra Alpha, we use EP analysis as a central component to our own investment decision-making. We also advocate for all companies to measure and disclose their environmental metrics and for all investors to thoughtfully consider this data in their analytical process.

At its core, EP analysis is a data-driven methodology for companies and investors. A company tracks, records, and then reports on energy use, carbon emissions, water use and impact, and material usage and waste. Measuring the data typically leads to managing resource use more efficiently, resulting in lower costs and added value. An increasing number of companies and investors are pushing this process into the mainstream, as well as a burgeoning body of organizations and regulations are creating, supporting, and mandating environmental disclosure.

In a resource-constrained world, EP analysis is an essential tool all business leaders and investors should include in their decision-making tool box to enhance returns. Terra Alpha’s full report, Environmental Productivity: Enhancing Business and Investor Decision-Making, is available for free on our website. We strongly believe that further research into a company’s plans and targets for improving its Environmental Productivity will provide useful information for forecasting future earnings and returns, and that those companies that are adopting more natural-resource efficient business models will be better prepared to withstand the risks and take advantage of opportunities of the future.

About Terra Alpha Investments:

Terra Alpha Investments is a global investment management company that believes a portfolio of the world’s most fundamentally strong, attractively-valued, and environmentally-productive companies will provide investors with superior long-term, risk-adjusted returns, and advocates to bring the economic system into greater alignment with the natural systems. The firm utilizes 75+ combined years of successful, traditional investment experience with a hybrid research approach to select equities for its portfolio, and has generated attractive financial and environmental returns since its launch in 2015.

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